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7 Benefits of DIRECTAIR® for Manufacturing

By OTC Insights Team on November 16, 2022

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OTC Insights Team

Established in 1963, OTC Industrial Technologies is one of the largest industrial distributors & service providers in the United States. We're committed to seeing industrial operations advance through expert technical solutions & unmatched support using our years of experience.

Is your air compressor causing you stress?  

Is it experiencing constant leaks, loud noises, and excessive oil discharge, resulting in high maintenance costs, or is it just extremely unreliable? If so, your plant or facility is an ideal candidate for our DIRECTAIR® compressed air utility solution.  

Discover why more manufacturers are turning to DIRECTAIR® compressed air utility rather than renting or purchasing an air compressor.  


DirectAIR® improves manufacturing operations through our best-in-class air compression expertise to deliver clean, dry air with 100% reliability. We provide our customers a superior financial value though the elimination of maintenance contracts, capital expenditures, and green energy solutions. 

The Benefits of DIRECTAIR® for Manufacturers 

Manufacturers across the country are relying on the DIRECTAIR® service, and seeing a quick return and instant benefits, including:  

Hassle free air compression. Turnkey solutions for air compressors and air technology. Click to learn more.

Reliable Compressed Air Service  

DIRECTAIR® is the originator of the fourth-utility concept and North America’s largest air compressor distributor. It has consistently supplied high-quality compressed air to more than 150 companies, with over 10 million hours of reliable operations leaving many satisfied customers.  

Customers have experienced guaranteed uptime, allowing them to focus on more profitable work because of the latest equipment and technology, maintained by OTC’s DIRECTAIR® team.  

Remote Online Monitoring 

With remote online monitoring, DIRECTAIR® can monitor your plant 24/7, helping you keep the compressors up and running with minimum downtime. This exclusive software, ManageAIR®, reports on problem areas before they become critical, thus improving the reliability of the system.  

Superior Energy Efficiency  

DIRECTAIR® facilities are equipped with the most modern, energy-efficient equipment and controls available today that significantly reduce energy consumption and have energy savings as high as 50%.  

Preventative Maintenance 

DIRECTAIR® believes in consistently providing preventative maintenance at the highest level. First, your plant will have installed the most reliable equipment available and will be regularly monitored through our exclusive ManageAIR system.  

Hassle-free Commitment 

All we need from you is the necessary land and utility hookups. Air Technologies®, OTC’s DIRECTAIR® team, will handle the rest, including supplying, installing, and operating your new compressor system. There will be a monthly fee included based on the customer’s compressed air consumption, with similar billing to what a manufacturer gets from their electrical power supplier.  

Lower Costs 

There are no emergency rental, repair, or parts costs. Moreover, the modern, energy-efficient equipment and controls significantly reduce electric bills, the need for additional personnel, and operating costs. Also, plant space is freed up for production. 

DIRECTAIR® is a “fee for service” with flexible term lengths. Monthly payments are an operating expense providing tax benefits.  

Space-saving Equipment 

DIRECTAIR® can buy back existing industrial compressed air equipment so that you can recover plant space previously used for your old compressor equipment. This will allow for better working conditions and more plant space for other projects.  

Getting Started with DIRECTAIR® 

Stop worrying about the unreliability of your air compressor, and expensive maintenance or repair costs. Let OTC take total system responsibility and supply all the air you need. Learn more about DIRECTAIR® utility service from OTC Industrial Technologies today. 

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