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How to Increase Productivity for Your Paint Booth

By OTC Insights Team on April 19, 2022

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OTC Insights Team

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When most companies think of a lack of productivity, they turn their attention to employee productivity and operational efforts, while missing the true source of the issue.

A lack of productivity may not be a problem with your operations or employees, but your tools. A small paint booth or even one that isn’t designed correctly for your needs could be detrimental to productivity and your bottom line.

In this article, we will discuss ways to increase paint booth productivity and ensure efficiency with any paint booth project.

Area Efficiency

Before you set up a paint booth, make accommodations to your environment that work for the painters, the space, and the object that is to be painted.

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From a safety perspective, ensure that there will be enough space between the object and the exit door. You need to have space around the object on all sides, as well as under and above, for workers to exit the space at a moment's notice in the event of a fire.

Ample space around all objects

Calculating the size of objects to paint, as well as space for workers to work, is paramount to creating an efficient painting environment within the paint booth. In addition to the side margins, don’t forget to account for clearance above the workstation as well if you intend on adding a lift.

Determine part sizes

Whether your project has intricate interior parts, large parts or sides, or a combination, factoring in any and all dimensions will help the production cycle run smoothly and help mitigate any hiccups in the painting process.


To run an efficient paint booth operation, efficiency protocols are a must. All employees that operate the booth must be fully trained to ensure a seamless process and operational layout.


Creating a movement plan for bringing objects in and out of the painting booth, as well as designating a facilitator for each project, are crucial to the flow of the project and keeping everything on time. A slip-up during this could throw the timing off, causing more labor and more money in the long run.

Daily workloads

What do the day, week, and monthly tasks look like for a single project? Having an outline, goals, and outcome for a project will greatly increase the productivity of your paint booth project and ensure the project is on deadline.

Cleanup and emergency protocols

Putting procedures in place for handling cleanups and emergencies should be mandatory before starting any paint booth project. Ensure all staff are trained in the safety and sanitation procedures in case of an emergency or painting hiccup.


Do the most with the least to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. Having efficient tools and lighting allows you to conserve energy in a paint booth.

Efficient paint tools

Are your paint tools costing you time? With technology like recirculating cure mode, we can ensure you get the product through our paint booths on time to avoid multiple shifts, more labor, and more money.

Maximize energy to reduce consumption

To achieve maximum energy efficiency, you need to conserve and reduce the energy you use. Some of this conservation may involve pre-released heat or cooling energy, high-efficiency booth tools, and shut-off and control mechanisms to conserve energy when the tools are not in use.

Optimal lighting

Another key to maximum paint spray booth efficiency is proper lighting. Determine if you have a simple lighting layout or a complex one, and decipher where any dark spots are and illuminate them. Position lights to remove as much shadow as possible within a given work area. To achieve the best lighting arrangement, experiment with different lighting angles inside your workspace.

A partner for your finishing project

In spite of all your efforts to get a painting project to run smoothly, be cost effective, and end with a quality finish, any snag could turn your operation on its head. With paint booths supplied by OTC, you can gain access to superior customer service, quality products and dependable companies. The OTC team can help with audits and consultations. Keep the focus on appearance and quality and check out our catalog of paint booths for more of an idea of how they could transform your operations. Contact us today to get started.

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