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OTC Insights Team

Established in 1963, OTC Industrial Technologies is one of the largest industrial distributors & service providers in the United States. We're committed to seeing industrial operations advance through expert technical solutions & unmatched support using our years of experience.

63 years ago, OTP Industrial Solutions began as a small Columbus, Ohio-based industrial distributor of mechanical power transmission equipment and pumps.

Now as a division of OTC Industrial Technologies, OTP has grown to more than 1,500 associates working in 33 locations throughout the United States. This is another way that we’re pushing the boundaries of how we can help manufacturers. OTC Industrial Technologies delivers more services, provides access to more products and greater technical expertise for increased efficiency and targeted solutions for our customers.

With any change, we know there will be questions. We have the answers.

Why has OTP joined OTC Industrial Technologies?

As one of the largest industrial distributors and service providers in the United States, OTC Industrial Technologies gives OTP customers access to more products and services. In addition to the products that you currently rely on OTP for, we can now help with:

  • Industrial motion control
  • Factory automation
  • Fluid power
  • Pumping systems
  • Spray finishing
  • Power transmission
  • Air Technologies® and utility air

This is just a taste of what we can offer.

Can you provide more details on what OTC has to offer?

Alongside the products and services OTP offers, OTC Industrial Technologies offers a breadth and depth of services rarely seen in our industry. Make sure to talk to your OTP representative about our other product and industry lines. That includes:

Pumps, mechanical, electrical and motors

With OTC, you can access industry leaders like JCI, Crimson Electric, PumpTek, IPEG, PSI Engineering and Laron Mechanical.

Industrial suppliers and distributors, and automation solutions

With our ecommerce site and your account with OTC, you can order from top industrial distributors and solution providers like Ohlheiser, Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) and Tri-Power MPT.

Finishing, dispensing, and filtration

Looking for liquid and powder finishing systems, or fluid and spray finishing equipment, solutions or repairs? Access industry leaders, solution providers and suppliers like Midway Industrial Supply, CCIS, and Filter and Coating Technology (FACT).

Think of OTC Industrial Technologies as your one stop for all your manufacturing and production needs.

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How else can OTC help my company?

We’re always looking at ways we can help our customers. To better deliver efficiency and turnkey solutions for manufacturers, we’ve recently launched a new ecommerce site built to make it easier than ever to explore everything we have to offer.

Once you’re registered, you have access to a wealth of advantages, including:

  • Additional purchasing options, including pre-negotiated payment terms, customer preferred pricing and an option to use a credit card.
  • Access to your complete order history and status.
  • Requisition lists that can be built in the system.
  • Easy reorders and autosaved approved ship-to addresses.
  • Product comparisons before purchasing.

How do I get started with OTC?

OTC Industrial Technologies has merged the knowledge, talent and passion of our associates with a complete lineup of the industry’s best suppliers to deliver valuable solutions to help our customers achieve their goals.

Whether you are a customer, supplier or associate, you can count on OTC as your partner to support you in reaching your business and personal goals.

 Contact us today to learn how.