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Meet Your Manufacturing Goals in the New Year with DIRECTAIR®

By OTC Insights Team on February 3, 2023

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OTC Insights Team

Established in 1963, OTC Industrial Technologies is one of the largest industrial distributors & service providers in the United States. We're committed to seeing industrial operations advance through expert technical solutions & unmatched support using our years of experience.

Every year, businesses set new annual goals. Then comes the planning and preparation, where business leaders look at available resources, calculate the time and cost of meeting the goals, and then implement a strategic plan to deliver on them.

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With manufacturing, the math in that strategic plan is a little skewed. Anyone who works in manufacturing knows that labor and resources are stretched to capacity. Cost-effective and profitable production means there are few resources to work on business goals. Repairs and rising material costs take a higher priority in budgeting.

For a savvy business leader, when your company is stretched to capacity and resources are limited, a new goal requires thinking outside the box. It requires innovative thinking. It requires a service and program like DIRECTAIR® from OTC Industrial Technologies.


DIRECTAIR® is a compressed air utility service offered by OTC. It’s a managed service. For the manufacturer, this means that OTC delivers compressed air directly. OTC takes full responsibility for the compressed air service, purchasing and installing air compressors on-site, as well as monitoring and managing the service, and handling all maintenance, repairs, and updates.

With the managed service, OTC guarantees uptime and clean, reliable compressed air. All the manufacturers must provide is the land and necessary utility hookups, paying only for the compressed air they use.

When you sign up, OTC’s compressed air team, leaders in the industry, work with you to develop the best strategy possible to meet your goals. It’s a service with clear, powerful benefits for manufacturers.

It may also be the secret weapon you need to meet your business goals in the new year.

The Benefits of DIRECTAIR® for Manufacturers

While DIRECTAIR® focuses on compressed air and compressed air services for manufacturers, the benefits go far beyond that. As you assess and plan for the new year, consider how DIRECTAIR® can factor into your plans and benefit your business goals.

Here are a few of the ways you can leverage DIRECTAIR® as you build your company's strategy.

Energy Efficiency

Many companies, including manufacturers, want to reduce their carbon footprint in the new year. Going green, operating sustainably, and reducing waste is not only good for the environment but can save money and increase efficiency.

DIRECTAIR® replaces the old, inefficient, wasteful air compressors that many companies use with higher-efficiency ones designed to meet your needs without waste. Companies using DIRECTAIR® see significant energy savings and lower carbon consumption.

Production and Productivity

Take a few minutes to calculate how much production is lost when your compressors go down. What about the wasted time when the shop floor struggles with low-pressure air? Problems with compressed air can quickly add up, lowering production and manufacturing output.

The guaranteed compressed air offered by OTC and DIRECTAIR® eliminates this problem. That increase in productivity, with continual uptime on the compressors, means higher productivity for your business. It means more product out the door and more surety when scheduling ship dates and output.

Capital Expenses

Many companies set goals based on budget and finances. That includes reducing capital expenses.

DIRECTAIR® is not a capital expense. There is no depreciation to calculate and no hidden costs or unplanned expenses. You pay only for the air you use at a price you can budget for. Many companies not only see lower overall costs but also gain more control over their budget and expenses.

Customer Satisfaction

The market is tight and competitive. Customers have a wealth of options when it comes to spending their money. Often, business growth can be attributed not to a new process or product but to customer satisfaction.

Customers want to work with businesses that share their values. They want suppliers and vendors who are forward-thinking and investing in the newest and latest technology, technology like DIRECTAIR®. It’s green, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. It’s a product and service that customers want to be associated with.

Overhead and Costs

Reducing costs and improving the bottom line is a common addition to a list of business goals. With OTC’s DIRECTAIR®, you eliminate maintenance and repair costs for your compressed air system.

The unforeseen costs like repairs or time spent fixing a problematic air compressor can quickly add up. It's not only the lost productivity and efficiency, which we mentioned earlier, but the parts and time spent repairing the faulty unit. It’s moving workers off higher priority tasks to fix the unit or diagnose the problem. These costs add up.

Workforce and Labor

Due to the labor force issues and worker shortage that many companies feel, prioritizing workers and their needs is integral for many companies. This is why companies are turning to managed services like DIRECTAIR®.

With managed services, the business can turn to an outside resource like OTC for a critical business service. This reduces the need for internal resources like workers to manage the process. Employees can focus on what they were hired for rather than the problems with a faulty air compressor.

Everything You Need to Know About DIRECTAIR®

When developing a strategy for the new year, it’s important to consider every tool at your disposal. That includes innovative and available services like DIRECTAIR®.

If you have questions or want to evaluate how DIRECTAIR® can help your company, then contact the team at OTC today. Set up a no-obligation call with a member of the team to discuss your options. Let’s see how we can help.