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OTC Insights Team

Established in 1963, OTC Industrial Technologies is one of the largest industrial distributors & service providers in the United States. We're committed to seeing industrial operations advance through expert technical solutions & unmatched support using our years of experience.

Manufacturers are experts in their field.

There’s zero tolerance for mistakes in manufacturing an airplane. You need to be a world-class expert to build one. The same with auto manufacturers, or medical machinery. Even OEM manufacturers in wire harness and electrical equipment, or managing the epoxy resin in fiberglass wings, or steel and metals manufacturing require highly technical expertise and skill.

It’s a rule in manufacturing that production works best when you leverage the best technical expertise possible. It’s not only true of the fiberglass wing you’re building, but also the support systems in your facility. Unfortunately, many manufacturers struggle with inadequate and inefficient systems because they lack that expertise.

This can lead to increased energy costs, downtime when systems go down, reduced production, and overpaying for utilities.

OTC Industrial Technologies aims to align need, requirements, and expertise for compressed air utilities with our DIRECTAIR® Managed Services.

What are Managed Services for Compressed Air Systems?

With managed services, a provider will deliver services to a customer, taking full responsibility for the service on premises and providing ongoing support and maintenance.

Many companies will outsource information technology (IT) or network applications to a managed service provider (MSP). The provider is an expert in their field, with the expertise and resources on hand to better deliver the service. They can better provide the necessary continuous maintenance, support, regular management, and with economies of scale can deliver the service at a lower cost and with better results.

With DIRECTAIR® managed service, you and your facility work with the OTC team of compressed air specialists to develop the right compressed air strategy for your facility. You get the reliable functionality you need as our team of experts handles the details, matching your requirements with the right system.  

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Access monitoring data to track use and efficiency, and with our best practices and experience look at ways to reduce your costs and increase uptime. Maintenance, upkeep, monitoring, and repairs are all handled by DIRECTAIR®. You have a guaranteed supply of compressed air with no downtime, as well as guaranteed air quality – clean, dry, compressed air.

That’s the difference when you leverage industry-leading expertise and experience for your facility.

5 Reasons Why DIRECTAIR® Services Can Help

With DIRECTAIR® compressed air utility service, our team of experts install a state-of-the-art compressed air facility at your site. We then operate and maintain this compressed air system for you. That means you’ll enjoy no lost production and no scrap.

You pay a single monthly fee, an operating expense, and eliminate unexpected additional expenses. No more repair costs, parts costs, or maintenance costs.

 Let’s take a look at a few of the other advantages.

1. Increase Reliability and Uptime

The problem with many compressed air systems isn’t the problems you plan for, but the hidden risks your facility team isn’t trained to handle. You don’t see the problem until it happens. When production goes down due to an issue with compressed air, you’re pulling resources from profitable work to a repair. It’s a problem that’s rapidly costing you money across the company. With DIRECTAIR® ensuring reliable service delivery, you have guaranteed uptime so you can focus on profitable work.

2. Reduce Scrap and Production Costs

Poor quality air can lead to scrap and higher manufacturing costs. Problems with compressed air can lead to not only down time, but inconsistent work, higher scrap totals, and workers pulled off production as they scramble to find a solution or completing wasteful rework. Without adequate production monitoring, or with an inadequate compressed air system, you may not even be aware of the problems or the source of that increased scrap.

3. Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plan

By providing compressed air services for more than 210 facilities and with advanced monitoring in place, OTC has the best practices, expertise, and experience to manage your compressed air utility. That includes a preventive maintenance plan that leads the industry. For added protection, our exclusive MANAGAIR® hardware and software, allows for continuous monitoring of your DIRECTAIR® system. MANAGAIR® automatically notifies the DIRECTAIR® team of problems before they become critical—a predictive maintenance approach that significantly improves reliability.

4. Reduce Facility Energy Costs

By supplying energy efficient equipment, you’ll see savings. While the numbers can vary depending on usage and requirements, most manufacturers will see energy savings between 25% and 50%. With OTCs advanced monitoring, additional efficiencies and saving will often be identified, helping to increase saving and optimization opportunities.

5. Additional Efficiencies and Savings

With OTC managing your air compressor system, a critical utility for manufacturers, your facility team can focus on higher priority work, an exercise in which many companies will quickly realize additional efficiencies and savings. The monitoring system on the DIRECTAIR® system will also provide additional data that can realize additional opportunities for energy savings

Getting Started with OTC and DIRECTAIR®

Once you sign up with DIRECTAIR® you only need to provide the necessary land and utility hook ups. Your DIRECTAIR® team supplies, installs, operates, and maintains your new, modern, energy-efficient air compressor system. A monthly fee is charged based on your compressed air consumption, with billing similar to what you see from your electrical power supplier. 

With the system in place and DIRECTAIR® delivering reliable compressed air with 100% uptime, you’ll quickly realize manpower reductions. Your team can focus on plant production. Free up plant space for production, rather than air compressors, and eliminate those unexpected emergency rental costs.

See the benefits of leveraging industry-leading expertise for your plant utilities. Contact OTC Industrial Technologies to learn more.