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The Connection between Industrial Safety and Manufacturing Productivity

By OTC Insights Team on April 19, 2022

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OTC Insights Team

Established in 1963, OTC Industrial Technologies is one of the largest industrial distributors & service providers in the United States. We're committed to seeing industrial operations advance through expert technical solutions & unmatched support using our years of experience.

The link between industrial safety and manufacturing productivity is crucial to understanding the power behind a safe working environment.

According to recent studies, 83% of manufacturing leaders saw an increase in productivity from safety programs. Senior management and operations personnel noticed a sizable rise in these levels, as well as a decrease in costs for insurance claims and any related injuries.

In this article, we dive into how safety measures can improve industrial productivity at the factory, and products and services from OTC that can help you skyrocket manufacturing productivity and help your bottom line.

Dynamic Steps to Enhance Industrial Safety

For factories, keeping employees safe means continually watching and preparing for hazards. From equipment mishandles to risks of injury from slips or falls, manufacturers must mitigate the risks of a multitude of safety issues to ensure a comfortable working environment, which will in turn keep the productivity of the plant running smoothly. Here are some ways this can be achieved.

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Designing Mandatory Employee Training

The first step in a manufacturer’s journey to increased productivity is to secure employees’ safety. Make certain that all new (and existing) employees are properly trained in their job roles and the various systems of the work they handle. They should be aware of what PPE to wear, how to service or maintain heavy equipment, proper placement of locks/seals, and any other information necessary for safety in the workplace.

Enacting Machine Protection

Machine guarding is a safety feature used to surround manufacturing equipment. There is a shield or device that covers hazardous parts of the machine that can prevent injury to the machine operator and other nearby workers during use. In the production environment, all equipment needs to be inspected for proper protection and guarding against employee injuries.

Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wearing and enforcing PPE is a crucial step toward avoiding mishaps in the industrial facility. Organizations should consider the appropriate PPE required for each job, purchase appropriate PPE, ensure workers are properly equipped with PPE, and train workers to wear and use PPE. PPE includes but is not limited to: clothing, footwear, eyewear, and headwear that workers can use to protect against hazards in production environments. Of course, PPE must be regularly maintained, evaluated and updated to reflect current safety guidelines.

Creating a Safe Work Environment

Safe workplaces include creating and maintaining an environment in which employees can work safely, without compromising their physical or mental health and well-being. Training workers, protecting machinery and utilizing PPE are all important factors in helping to create a safe environment and promote industrial safety. These protocols and practices will increase manufacturing productivity and mitigate industrial safety issues and cost-laden risks.

OTC’s Focus on Safety and Increasing Productivity

It's no surprise that tougher markets are pushing manufacturing to explore all avenues to improve performance and productivity. Keeping workers safe and focused on the job requires increasing workplace safety. With the right partner, these two goals can be met at a fraction of the price. With OTC’s help, find the products you need to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Technical Expertise and Services

Leverage the experience of OTC as you design and optimize your manufacturing processes. With a range of services to select from, pick and choose what you need, whether it’s repair for a damaged machine, installation of a new machine, machining, field services, predictive maintenance, or fabrication. With OTC, you’re working with industry leaders that can deliver solutions that increase safety and efficiency.


From electronic positioners and level switches to remotely controlled, fully automated electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic actuators, OTC offers a range of intelligent flow control solutions for every application. Ensure your equipment is selected for safe operations and your production needs.


With automation and OTC expertise, you can take workers out of high-risk situations with the latest automation technology. Let your machinery and equipment handle repetitive tasks and dangerous operations so your most valuable resource, your employees, can focus on higher-priority skilled work.

Sensors & Switches

Monitor the performance of your facility’s processes, machine operation and data-driven operations with OTC’s array of sensors and switches. Determine normal baseline levels of operation while also detecting even the most minuscule fluctuations in their performance, then set triggers for operations outside of safety levels.

Custom Industrial Solutions

Faced with a challenge you aren’t sure how to solve? OTC can engineer, fabricate, machine, and install custom machinery designed to overcome your manufacturing challenges. Safety is always a priority, and as you work with OTC’s engineers, you can implement the most efficient and safest solutions for your needs.

Partner with OTC

At OTC, we focus on helping organizations create a safe work environment by providing products and services that allow organizations to increase their manufacturing productivity while mitigating industrial safety risks. Contact us to find out more about our products and how we can help you manage safety.