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Don’t Wait to Use Rental Air Compressors for Manufacturing Operations

By OTC Insights Team on January 19, 2024

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OTC Insights Team

Established in 1963, OTC Industrial Technologies is one of the largest industrial distributors & service providers in the United States. We're committed to seeing industrial operations advance through expert technical solutions & unmatched support using our years of experience.

When operating a manufacturing facility, as with any business, you need to weigh the risks against the benefits. A careful review of existing production processes and expected profits must be evaluated against potential product demand changes and possible dips or increases in orders. Purchasing heavy machinery, like air compressors, can be a great way to save money over the life span of the equipment, but after evaluation, the initial investment may be more than your facility can currently justify. When new air compressors are not in your purchasing plan, you need to maintain your existing equipment and have a plan should you experience issues. That plan should include air compressor rental.

Rental equipment offers an alternative that gives you the tools and capacity you need while mitigating the risk of significant capital investment in potentially unsure economic times.

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Rental Air Compressors and Manufacturing 

Your facility needs the right tools and machinery to operate, this includes compressed air. Work stops and your bottom line suffers when you don’t have access to the right amount or type of compressed air. Maybe new air compressors are not a financially viable option, or the new compressors are on back order with a long lead time, or you’re waiting for parts and repair. No matter why your air compressors are not working you need an alternative that keeps your operation moving forward and doesn’t slow down or cause delays in your current processes.

For many manufacturers, rental equipment like air compressors provides a way to maintain production when emergencies happen or while performing essential maintenance. Even when updating your facility’s production capacities. Renting comes with less commitment than purchasing while still providing access to the equipment you need. Renting can be a stopgap to keep your production and profits going.

What Are the Benefits of Renting Equipment? 

There are a number of situations where renting is either necessary or the best option for manufacturers. When your essential equipment breaks or requires significant repairs, you need a replacement fast and you can’t afford to stop work. Or, you may need extra compressed air capacity to meet shipping deadlines and you don’t want to buy new equipment that will be obsolete once the contract is finished. Renting is perfect because you can have access to the required air compressors for the limited time you need them with no commitment.

Beyond equipment failure and emergencies, there are other benefits of renting that you should consider. 

Renting gives you access to the newest equipment. 

Want to consider a new model or feature for your air compressors? Or perhaps want to evaluate a higher-capacity model or an additional booster? When you rent, you can get on-site data on these options without the capital cost of purchasing. Give the equipment a test run and see if a change is worthwhile before investing.

Renting eliminates the need for capital costs. 

Especially late in the year when budgets are tight, it may not be feasible or practical to take on additional capital expenses. Rental costs can reduce overall debt, but still give you the equipment and production support you need.  

Renting provides business flexibility. 

Need a little capacity for an extra order? Or shifting your production processes and need a booster or additional heating or drying unit? Rather than purchasing for a temporary need, look at using rental units. 

Renting provides faster results and quicker support. 

Often with a new air compressor purchase, there can be a shipping or installation delay. This is especially true for popular units. Rather than waiting for the equipment and struggling with old compressors, cover the gap while you wait for the new unit with a rental. You can get a rental unit in place in significantly less time. 

OTC Is a Leader in Rental Air Compressors 

Get the support and equipment you need in less time with OTC.  

OTC has the largest fleet of centrifugal and oil-free air compressors available for rent. In addition, as experts in the repair and maintenance of air compressors, we offer more reliable equipment with experts on hand and available to ensure you have support for your rental.  

Our experts also work with you to ensure you have the best option for your rental compressor. Their experience means the best solution for you, no matter your needs or challenges.  

In addition to rental equipment, we can also sell air compressors, provide industry-leading service contracts, and offer DIRECTAIR® a FOURTH UTILITY ℠ compressed air service for manufacturers. It’s a one-stop shop for your air compressors. Get a rental unit today, then transition to purchasing a new one with a comprehensive service contract whenever needed. 

If you want to learn more about how rentals can help keep your operation adaptable and streamlined, contact us today. The experts at OTC can help you decide what rental is right for your business and work with you every step to ensure you get what you need out of every machine.