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How to Use Rental Air Compressors to Prevent Downtime and Increase Production

By OTC Insights Team on September 12, 2023

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OTC Insights Team

Established in 1963, OTC Industrial Technologies is one of the largest industrial distributors & service providers in the United States. We're committed to seeing industrial operations advance through expert technical solutions & unmatched support using our years of experience.


Small gains can have a massive impact on the success or failure of manufacturing. 

Shave a few seconds off a single operation. Reduce product scrap. Boost the daily run time of a machine or cut down the shipping costs on a package. Small gains quickly scale when we talk about hundreds, even thousands, of orders. 

Strategic use of rental air compressors can deliver significant manufacturing gains. Unfortunately, many companies don’t consider them unless there’s a catastrophic failure of a compressor or cooling unit. That means lost productivity and profit. 

Let’s look at a few use cases for rental air compressors that can deliver major gains for manufacturers. 

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Uptime During Preventative Maintenance 

Preventative maintenance, or scheduled repairs and calibrations on your machines and equipment, is critical for safe and efficient production. Your facility operates only as well as your equipment.  

With the demands put on your air compressors, preventative maintenance is critical. But, because air compressors are so crucial for so many operations, manufacturers will either shut down the plant for maintenance or just wait to do the work, leaving your equipment and uptime at risk. 

Rather than increasing risk or suffering with downtime, use a rental compressed air unit and equipment to cover for lost capacity during scheduled maintenance. You can plan out the work and partner with a rental compressed air company like OTC to ensure coverage. This will not only eliminate that downtime but also provide for your regularly scheduled maintenance. 

Reduce Equipment Strain During Peak Production 

Is your compressed air capacity holding you back? Often as a manufacturer grows and takes on larger orders, a limit like air compressor capacity will act as an impediment to meeting business goals. That compressor you purchased a few years ago suddenly isn’t enough to keep up with current demands.  

When you see a spike in orders, or you have a need for more compressed air capacity, don’t hesitate to discuss your needs with a rental solutions provider. This will not only give you the equipment at a lower price than purchasing a new or used compressor, but you can also rent one to try it out. Look at a long-term rental and see how the extra capacity helps your production before making a purchase. As an added bonus, you can avoid the capital expenses of a new air compressor and evaluate the ROI and benefits of adding one. 

Protect Your Air Compressor System from Extreme Heat 

Summer heat can be hard on your air compressors. Hot weather will cause lower flow rates, as the air is less dense, and the compressor must work harder to pull in the necessary air. Your cooling system will also have to work harder to get the cooling water to the temperature it needs. 

Adding capacity with a rental unit can alleviate pressure on your existing units and prevent problems like overheating, unexpected downtime, or flow rate and pressure issues. By not pushing your air compressors as hard in summer, you can reduce wear on the units and extend their life, saving you even more.  

Rent Oil-Free Compressed Air

There are significant advantages to oil-free air compressors, but many manufacturers are still reluctant to invest in them. They stick with what they know: oil-injected diesel compressors. However, oil-free compressors typically require less maintenance. They are lighter, produce fewer contaminants, and aren’t as loud.  

Rather than miss out on all the advantages of an oil-free air compressor, why not see if you can meet your production requirements with a rental unit? Look at the try-before-you-buy options offered by rental companies like OTC Rental Solutions. Work with them to add rental oil-free compressed air to see how it works for your processes. When you're ready, you can purchase the unit or continue renting as long as you want. 

Contact OTC for Your Compressed Air Needs 

Strategic use of rental equipment for your compressed air system can be a competitive advantage for your business. Consider how using a resource like OTC’s Rental Solutions can provide gains for your business. With a partner that can support your rental air compressor needs with turnkey solutions, you can better plan for both compressor downtime and future compressed air needs. They can look at sustainable, long-term support rather than immediate needs.

Contact OTC today to discuss how they can help.