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Finishing, Dispensing, and Filtration Maintenance and Repair

How Manufacturers Benefit from Finishing and Dispensing Engineering Services

By OTC Insights Team on October 17, 2023

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OTC Insights Team

Established in 1963, OTC Industrial Technologies is one of the largest industrial distributors & service providers in the United States. We're committed to seeing industrial operations advance through expert technical solutions & unmatched support using our years of experience.

Finishing is one of the most important parts of the manufacturing process. For many operations, finishing is the last touch you have on a product before it leaves your facility. With this in mind, it’s important to optimize your finishing processes to produce consistent, high-quality products. 

OTC’s finishing and dispensing services help you refine this essential part of production. 

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What Are Finishing and Dispensing Engineering Services? 

Finishing and dispensing engineering services provide essential expertise and resources to overcome the challenges that may be holding you back from efficient processes.   

These services include automated and manual systems that make it easier for you to get high-quality products out of your door, as well as consultation with one of our team experts as you evaluate options and opportunities for your facility. Materials and product expertise, as well as general operational questions, all fall under the expert engineering services offered by OTC Industrial Technologies. Here are a few examples of our finishing and dispensing engineering services: 

Custom Designed and Integrated Systems 

Every facility is different, so you may require finishing systems that are unique to your needs, rather than an off-the-shelf product. When you work with OTC, we take the time to learn about your requirements. After meeting, we design and craft a solution that's right for your application and facility, whether it’s a full finishing system or a simple modification to your existing equipment. Integrated system runoffs and modular builds can first be done at our facility. You’ll inspect and approve it before it’s delivered and installed at your plant. This way, you can be sure the work meets your exacting expectations.  

Facility Renovations 

Do you need more space? Are you looking to adjust your overall operations to accommodate growth? OTC's Engineering Services can help. We manage and support operations that need to move or expand. You can trust that the OTC finishing experts will be on hand for the critical engineering work to ensure you have the optimal experience and solution. You'll have minimal disruption during these ongoing optimizations due to our vast facility, experience and proven solutions.

Professional Evaluations and Optimization 

If you aren’t getting the results you need, we can help. Our professional team can inspect your system and provide recommendations on areas of improvement. Even if you’re happy with your final product, many systems can be improved in terms of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and reducing production waste. An external review by OTC’s experts can often reveal hidden savings and opportunities for improvement. 

How Do These Services Benefit Manufacturers? 

As industry trends continue to move towards increased automation, manufacturers need to stay ahead. Waiting to implement facility improvements puts your business at risk of falling behind to the competition and losing business. OTC makes it easy to design and implement the improvements you need. Depending on the service, most manufacturers will see a rapid ROI in addition to the following benefits: 

Reduced Operational Costs 

Issues and delays can reduce your operational efficiency. Overcoming those problems with engineering services will reduce operational costs and potentially increase profit on every order. Installing a fully automatic system helps you reduce operating costs and increase the ROI of your facility. These systems come with an initial installation cost, but over time they provide you with amazing productivity for the price. Even if you don’t want to go entirely lights-out, using automated systems to perform many of the tedious tasks of production helps free up your team to spend time on work they are more suited for.  

More Consistent Finishing  

Manual finishing systems may seem like a lower-cost option, but it can leave finishes inconsistent. Human workers cannot be as precise as machines, so even the most skilled employees can struggle to maintain consistent finishes. Automating the process not only increases productivity as the robots do not need to stop or take breaks, but it also provides identical finishing coats every single time. This consistency increases the quality of your products and ensures every customer receives a high-quality finished product. 

Easier Long-term Maintenance 

Maintenance costs eat away at profits and lead to problems that can stop production in its tracks. Ongoing maintenance issues can often be resolved with engineering services by targeting the underlying issues. In addition, when you work with the finishing and dispensing teams at OTC, you enjoy easier long-term maintenance with our professional installation. We design systems that are easy to clean, repair, and replace if needed. Creating finishing systems that are easy to work with makes it a breeze to keep your production going even when you must perform essential repairs. 

Access to Ongoing Support from Expert Teams 

When you need help, you can’t afford to wait around. Production delays mean lost profits. You need access to the support teams that can get your facility back in working order. OTC does more than just create, design, and install amazing finishing systems. We work with our customers every step of the way to ensure that they get the most productivity possible out of their machines while minimizing downtime. 

Discover All the Ways OTC Can Help 

OTC’s finishing and dispensing engineering services are just one of the ways we can help. As an industry leader in finishing and dispensing, with facilities across the country and a partnership with leading suppliers, we provide manufacturers a critical edge in reaching their production and efficiency goals.

If you want to learn more, or to see about all the other services offered by OTC, contact us today.