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What Are the Advantages of Automation in Finishing?

By OTC Insights Team on December 30, 2022

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OTC Insights Team

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Automation is an essential tool of modern manufacturing. Automation allows for increased efficiency and production, streamlining the manufacturing process and making it more cost-effective. Beyond this, there are many advantages of incorporating automation into your finishing department.

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Understanding the Automation Process in Finishing

With manufacturing automation, you leverage technology, robotics, and automated systems to complete work in the production process. Within that definition, there are a variety of options to manage work.

The simplest automation solutions offer minimal, hardwired control of processes. These systems require more human interaction to initiate the work and manually adjust the system.

More advanced systems incorporate full automation. This includes sensors and feedback systems allowing for the automation to adjust as work is completed. With IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) systems, limited decision control is given to the machines, allowing for minimal manual control and, typically, full automation and optimized production output.

Keep in mind, with more advanced automation there will be a higher initial investment, and it will require skilled labor and maintenance resources on hand for the systems. We suggest working with a partner with experience in automation to set up and optimize the system, rather than purchasing individual equipment and installing it with in-house resources.

What Are the Advantages of Automation in Finishing?

Depending on your needs, the requirements of production, and the system installed, you will see several possible benefits. That said, there are some benefits that most manufacturers will see with automation in finishing.

One area where manufacturers will see a quick return is with regard to labor and labor reallocation since for many companies, labor is the largest expense for the business. This can include the necessary safety equipment and personal protection. With automation and computerized finishing systems, labor can be moved from the highly manual and resource-intensive finishing process to other tasks. Expenses in training and protective equipment are reduced.

Increased productivity and an overall increase in production quality are other common benefits of finishing automation. Robots and automation are proficient at the precise and accurate work required for finishing, providing manufacturers and their customers with a higher-quality finished product.

Depending on your process, you will see other benefits such as reduced production time, an overall reduction in production costs, and increased efficiency.

How Do I Add Automation to the Finishing Department?

Making the decision to introduce automation into the finishing department will set your business up for success and growth for years to come.

With a variety of technologies, products, and machinery to assist in automation, OTC Industrial Technologies and our finishing team is your one-stop shop for implementing automation into your finishing department. As a leader in both finishing and automation, we provide end-to-end, technical solutions that focus on solving your production challenges, rather than simply supplying a product.

OTC Industrial Technologies can help you get on the right path and integrate automation into finishing, or any department.


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