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Introducing MODULAIR® and How It Can Maximize Factory Floor Space

By OTC Insights Team on November 2, 2022

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OTC Insights Team

Established in 1963, OTC Industrial Technologies is one of the largest industrial distributors & service providers in the United States. We're committed to seeing industrial operations advance through expert technical solutions & unmatched support using our years of experience.

For any manufacturer looking to scale, grow, expand, or boost production, floor space is a concern. 

Need a new machine for a new product? You had better have space for it. Is demand for your product increasing enough for a second production line? You need to know where to put that line.  

Any opportunity to relocate equipment somewhere else to free up space is going to be an advantage. If it’s an opportunity that can increase productivity and compressed air reliability while reducing maintenance costs, it’s even better. 

That’s the power of OTC’s MODULAIR®. 

Reliability Guaranteed. Ask about our innovative ModulAir service. Request a quote.

What Is MODULAIR® for Compressed Air Systems?  

MODULAIR® is a state-of-the-art modular system that houses air compressors and dryer units. It’s pre-engineered and pre-assembled with heavy-duty industrial construction and includes all the accessories and components for installation and proper operations. That includes: 

  • Air intake filtration system to pre-filter the compressors, dryer cooling, and intake air. 
  • Thermostatically controlled and powered recirculation louvers, ductwork, and ventilation fans for automatic module temperature control. 
  • Air piping header system that includes individual compressor isolation valves for single-point customer connection. 
  • The ductwork which includes gravity discharge dampers for hot compressor cooling air discharge. 
  • Condensate piping with heat tracing for single-point copper tube connection.  
  • All the electrical components, wiring and installation, lighting, 110V electrical outlets, space heaters, safety disconnects, a single-phase transformer, and electrical pane. 

Your MODULAIR® system includes all the necessary equipment and service to ensure proper operation of your air compressor. It can sit outside your main plant and facility, freeing up floor space, reducing heat and noise, while providing your facility with the compressed air you need.  

MODULAIR® significantly reduces project costs, improves system reliability, lowers maintenance costs, and simplifies installation. It houses compressors and dryer units, giving plants additional space that was previously occupied by on-site air compressors.  

Here are a few ways manufacturers have benefited from MODULAIR® 

Increased Productivity  

By clearing factory floor space previously used for air compressors, employees can spend less time sorting through clutter to look for tools, materials, or information. This will allow them to focus on their current tasks, work faster, and be more productive.   

Fewer Potential Accidents 

With less equipment on the factory floor, there will be fewer potential work-related injuries. This will contribute to a safer and more positive work environment. 

Better for Social Distancing 

In the days of Covid, every workplace needs to ensure employees have enough room for social distancing. Meeting local regulations that prevent possible exposure is vital for the health of employees and for businesses to operate.  

Space for Future Projects 

With added floor space, manufacturers will have room for additional projects and new employees. As a result, manufacturers can seek more business opportunities and increase revenue.  

Reduced Maintenance Costs  

With less equipment on the floor, manufacturers will save money previously used on maintenance and sanitization of on-site air compressors. These savings can be used to bring on additional staff or used towards additional projects.  

A Complete Solution for Compressed and Industrial Air Supply  

While a modular system for air compressors is a powerful tool for manufacturers, it’s just one component of the total compressed air solution offered by OTC Industrial Technologies and our air supply brands. 

Those solutions include service and repair for your air compressors and air audits to identify opportunities for optimization, cost savings, and improved energy efficiency. Remote monitoring and customer service agreements will also ensure your system works in peak condition. Looking for more? Contact OTC today and ask about our innovative DIRECTAIR® service that provides compressed air as a utility. 

End-to-end, turnkey solutions for compressed air. That’s the power of OTC Industrial Technologies.