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5 Benefits of Automation for EV Battery and Electronics Manufacturing

By OTC Insights Team on February 23, 2023

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OTC Insights Team

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Looking to improve output and efficiency for your facility? Automation may be the answer. 

While most, if not all, manufacturers already have some automation tools in place, new technologies and techniques provide even greater benefits. Investing in the right system can deliver a quick ROI and even larger output and efficiency.   

Make automation a reality. Discover automation to increase efficiency. Start now.

How Can Automation Help Your Operations? 

Introducing new automation strategies to your EV battery or electronics manufacturing operation can be daunting. When you have a process that works, adapting to new technologies and types of equipment can seem unnecessary. There’s a high initial cost, training, and the time required to adapt, with little guaranteed return.  

However, automation’s long-term benefits make the switch a smart decision for many operations. If you’re unsure about whether automation is right for your business, take the time to learn about some of the benefits it can provide. OTC has a proven track record of helping clients adopt and implement new automation strategies and equipment. These are just a few of the benefits our customers have enjoyed: 

Reduced Workforce Pressures 

Without the help of automation equipment, your employees spend hours each week working on repetitive tasks. These tasks take away time your team could spend on more meaningful activities and lead to burnout and job dissatisfaction. Automation improves operational output and reduces the need for labor on the floor, taking pressure off your hiring team. 

Consistent Results 

Even with an amazing team, it’s hard to compete with the results that automation produces. Automated processes can create products with a level of consistency that humans simply can’t match. Whether EV batteries or delicate electronics for handheld devices, the tolerance for defects in these sensitive products is extremely low. Automating processes within your operation provides consistent results that reduce or eliminate scrap and waste.  

Overall Productivity Improvement  

Increasing productivity is the fastest and most reliable way to grow your business. If you can build more products with the same resources, you will boost the bottom line. Even the best team needs to take breaks, but automated equipment can work 24/7. You may need to invest in more automated solutions for your business to meet growing client demand, especially in growth markets like EV batteries.  

To get these results, you need the right equipment. OTC’s extensive range of automation services, programming, and equipment offers you the experience you need with cost-effective solutions for any challenge you encounter. If you aren’t sure what your business needs to succeed, our experts take the time to meet with you one-on-one and find the best solution to your needs. 

Greater Production Flexibility 

EV batteries are a new technology. And that technology is changing. As the market demands faster recharge options and more energy capacity, manufacturers must provide flexible and adaptable manufacturing floors. You need to be able to incorporate new materials and designs. You need to use modular workspaces. 

Automation can help with this. With Cartesian robots, articulated robots, and even cobots (collaborative robots), industrial automation provides a wealth of flexible technologies that your production team can adapt when needed. Rather than struggling to incorporate a new design or material in production, you can quickly deliver on client needs.  

Increased Safety 

Safety is one of the biggest benefits of switching to an automated system. The materials used in EV battery manufacturing are hazardous. Leveraging automation, rather than a worker, to manage these materials reduces risks and prevents accidents.  

Manufacturing facilities can be dangerous, but developing an automation strategy can help reduce the risk of injury. You can develop an operation that relies on machines to do dangerous activities and heavy lifting through automation.  

Discover What OTC Can Do for You 

There are massive opportunities for savvy manufacturers in EV batteries and electronics, but company leaders need to be ready to adapt their production processes to the needs of this growing market.  

Don’t wait to learn how automation can transform your business. Finding the right equipment and automation partner can help you seize every opportunity. If you aren’t sure how to get started, OTC experts are ready to help. Contact us today to learn more.