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How to Plan Compressed Air Services for EV Battery and Electronics Manufacturing

By OTC Insights Team on February 25, 2023

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OTC Insights Team

Established in 1963, OTC Industrial Technologies is one of the largest industrial distributors & service providers in the United States. We're committed to seeing industrial operations advance through expert technical solutions & unmatched support using our years of experience.

Operating a manufacturing facility at optimal efficiency requires complex planning.  

With access to the right equipment, services, and expertise, you can design your operation around efficiencies that meet client demand and increase production capacity. Without the right equipment or access to expertise, just filling orders is going to be a struggle.   

Compressed air is one utility and process that benefits from expertise and the right equipment. It’s also essential to efficient EV battery and electronics manufacturing.  

Why Are Compressed Air Services Important for Electronics Manufacturing? 

In electronics manufacturing, having access to a comprehensive compressed air service is essential. Manufacturing products that meet your customers’ standards can be difficult without a reliable source of compressed air at your facility. Here are a few ways that compressed air supports EV battery and electronics manufacturing operations success: 

Maintaining a Sterile Environment 

Electronics and EV battery manufacturing requires precision. Contaminants in the air can mean disaster for production, leaving you with scrap and waste. Your air compressors should be designed to pump clean, dry air throughout the facility to ensure optimal environmental conditions for production. Filters, heaters, and clean piping systems should ensure contaminants are eliminated before they impact the product. 

Removing Dust Contaminants 

Routinely cleaning dust and other contaminants from electronic components during the manufacturing process is standard practice. In addition to pumping clean air throughout the facility, air compressors can use high-pressure air streams to remove debris from products during fabrication. 

Operating Pick-and-Place Equipment 

Pneumatic devices are standard in electronic manufacturing facilities. These systems rely on compressed air to operate. Common examples of pneumatic systems are pick-and-place devices that automatically move parts throughout the manufacturing process. These robotic systems significantly improve the productivity of a facility through automation. Read more about how directair can benefit you. Shop Now.

The Importance of Planning Your Compressed Air Services 

Compressed air is an essential resource for electronics manufacturing facilities, but disaster can strike if your system does not adequately meet your manufacturing needs. Whether you have a current compressed air system or are planning a new one, it’s essential to evaluate your needs for both efficiency and effectiveness. Here are just a few of the risks you can avoid with the right compressed air service plan

Operational Downtime 

Operations can shut down when equipment breaks, fails, or stops performing at the level you need. Lost time leads to lost productivity, and your bottom line suffers. These periods of downtime can be easily avoided with proper planning. With the right air compressor system in place, your equipment handles the tasks it needs to perform, and layers of redundancy ensure that you don’t lose out on production volume even when equipment needs to be repaired. In addition, working with an air compressor team that can provide cutover to a rental unit during maintenance periods can ensure uninterrupted production. 

Oil and Debris in the Air 

There is a wealth of options when selecting an air compressor. If you aren’t working with an expert, you may end up with machines that aren’t designed for sensitive electronic work. Oil-injected compressors, while powerful, can leave oil and residue in the air. This can damage delicate electronic equipment or ruin a battery. Oil-free compressors are better suited to this work as long as the compressors can keep up with demand and deliver reliable service.  

Expensive Repair and Replacement Costs 

Implementing the wrong compressed air service affects your bottom line. You face downtime and lost revenue when you need to replace inadequate equipment or repair broken machines. You can avoid those consequences when you work with DIRECTAIR®, a reliable, guaranteed compressed air utility service. The DIRECTAIR® team works with you to build a compressed air strategy designed around your needs, then implements and manages it for you. You only pay for the compressed air you use, while the DIRECTAIR® team handles service and repairs.  

Work with the Experts Who Understand How to Plan for Success 

Working with an experienced team helps you avoid these challenges and provides a greater long-term strategy for your business. OTC Industrial Technologies and our DIRECTAIR® team are leaders in compressed air service and technology, providing manufacturers an edge.  

At OTC, our DIRECTAIR® team has a proven track record of providing our clients with custom compressed air solutions for their unique situations. We take the time to learn about your operation and develop a plan for your needs. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of working with an inadequate solution or to learn more about all the ways we can help, contact us today.    

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