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Robotics and Automation in Steel Production and Manufacturing

By OTC Insights Team on September 7, 2023

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OTC Insights Team

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Steel manufacturing is a complex, multi-faceted industry. With many factors and variables to juggle, finding ways to improve processes isn’t easy. Thankfully, advancements in robotics and automation create opportunities for growth. 

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Improve the Efficiency and Safety of Your Operation with Robotics and Automation 

Adjusting to new controls, robotics, and other automated processes takes time, but the effort is worth it. Whether you’re looking for new ways to address the labor shortage or just want to squeeze every ounce of efficiency you can out of your operation, learning about automation is a great place to start. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of robotics and automation for steel mills and steel manufacturers.

Robots Create a Safer Workplace 

Traditionally, hazardous jobs like checking the oxygen and heat levels during the steel production process have fallen to human workers. During the production of steel, temperatures can easily exceed 2,000°. Protective gear is essential of course, but injuries still occur, and this remains a dangerous part of the process.   

Relying on automated systems helps you avoid these dangers. Automated systems that use remote sensors or even drones not only provide accurate feedback and real-time monitoring, but also keep your team safe. 

Automation Can Help Solve the Labor Crisis 

Finding qualified workers isn’t easy. The labor crisis is affecting multiple industries, and steel manufacturing is no exception. Many manufacturers have found success by using automated systems to help make up for this shortage. While robots come with an initial investment, they provide a great ROI and can help supplement your existing workforce. If you’re having trouble filling out your team, you may want to explore automation. 

Data Collection Identifies Potential Areas of Improvement 

You understand your operation better than anyone, but there’s always room for improvement. Steel manufacturing is a complex process, so boosting efficiency helps you improve your bottom line while still creating a great product. 

With automated systems, you can use advanced data collection techniques to increase your overall efficiency. Systems like MONITAIR® and MANAGAIR® track and manage your compressed air performance and energy usage. This information helps you allocate resources and reduce your overall energy consumption and spending. 

Maintenance Alerts Keep Your Operation Moving 

Maintenance alerts are another key benefit of automated systems. Compared to traditional machinery that requires manual inspections, these systems provide you with constant updates on performance. By setting thresholds for operation, for example, tracking use and monitoring temperature, you can better see when machine performance falters and maintenance is required. When it’s time for a repair, you’ll know in advance and repair teams will be notified.  

Discover All the Ways OTC Can Help 

Whether you’re in the market for new automation equipment or just want to learn more about how robotics can improve your operation, OTC Industrial Technologies can help. Our experts are waiting to learn more about your facility and start working on an automation plan. Contact us to learn more.