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Air Supply Group DIRECTAIR®

5 Use Cases of Rental Compressed Air

By OTC Insights Team on October 12, 2023

Compressed air is an essential resource for manufacturing.

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General Manufacturing Machine Manufacturing

OTC’s New Distribution Center Is Changing the Game for Vendors and Customers

By OTC Insights Team on October 10, 2023

With the development and opening of a new distribution center in Cincinnati, Ohio, OTC Industrial Technologies continues to drive efficiency forward for its customers, vendors, partners,...

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General Manufacturing heavy industrial manufacturing Electronics Manufacturing Aerospace Manufacturing Machine Manufacturing

5 Tips for Increasing Workplace Safety for Manufacturers

By OTC Insights Team on September 21, 2023

Employees are the backbone of any company. Providing your employees with what they need to complete work efficiently starts with a safe environment. To that end, manufacturers have...

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Air Supply Group DIRECTAIR®

Is Air-Over-the-Fence Better Than Air Compressor Ownership For Your Business?

By OTC Insights Team on September 19, 2023

Compressed air is critical for modern manufacturing. From powering tools to packaging, to finishing, a multitude of critical processes require compressed air.

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General Manufacturing Repair Services Machine Manufacturing

Are You Getting What You Need from Your Manufacturing Machine Repair Services?

By OTC Insights Team on September 14, 2023

Too often, manufacturers let equipment repair become an afterthought. Basic machine maintenance is critical to smooth and efficient operations. Forgetting to review your equipment can...

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OTC and Current Events

OTC’s Intern Program Is Developing the Future of Manufacturing

By OTC Insights Team on September 12, 2023

This summer, 18 college students from 11 universities joined OTC Industrial Technologies for its Intern Program. In years past, OTC hired a few interns. This year, Leslie McGowen, the...

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Air Supply Group DIRECTAIR®

How to Use Rental Air Compressors to Prevent Downtime and Increase Production

By OTC Insights Team on September 12, 2023

Small gains can have a massive impact on the success or failure of manufacturing. Shave a few seconds off a single operation. Reduce product scrap. Boost the daily run time of a machine...

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Steel Automotive Steel Production and Processing

Robotics and Automation in Steel Production and Manufacturing

By OTC Insights Team on September 7, 2023

Steel manufacturing is a complex, multi-faceted industry. With many factors and variables to juggle, finding ways to improve processes isn’t easy. Thankfully, advancements in robotics and...

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Steel General Manufacturing Steel Production and Processing

Going Green – Energy Efficiency in Steel Manufacturing

By OTC Insights Team on September 5, 2023

Steel manufacturing is energy intensive. At first glance, there isn’t much opportunity for reducing energy use when you’re processing ore or melting and shaping steel. Energy efficiency in...

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Air Supply Group Chemical OEM Power and Utility Automotive General Manufacturing

How Managed Air Services Can Help Manufacturers Meet ESG Goals

By OTC Insights Team on August 15, 2023

In the past, investors focused on one goal — how large will the return be?

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